Sunday, February 06, 2005

I need to vent a bit. This Ward Churchill thing is absolutely ridiculous. Any excuse for anti-intellectualism in this country. This man co-authored one of the most politically pertinent books ever to go to print, The Cointelpro Papers. He is a highly respected academic and American Indian activist. Admittedly, his comments were somewhat extreme, and could have been framed differently. He made it VERY easy for the media to run away with this one. Some of his students appeared on the O'Reilly factor the other night to mount a defense, which predictably, the producers of FOX made impossible. So, I went to the source. This is a link to the University of Colorado Ethnic Studies department, containing his public statement on the matter ... . I feel strongly about this because the information I imbibed from the Cointelpro Papers profoundly changed my view of American freedom, just at the time when I became seriously politically conscious. Using documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, Churchill exposed decades of political violence by the Federal Government against activist groups.
Next.....the US has dropped all charges against Sabrina Harman, the soldier who posed in front of a pyramid of naked Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib Prison. So, we prosecute one soldier, give him a miserably weak punishment, raise it up as another triumph of "freedom" , and now it is ok to let everyone else off? Unbelievable. Something is seriously wrong here. And nobody knows, or even cares. Nobody is even reading that story today. Why? Because one of the biggest cash cows of the year is taking place. Go ahead, sit in front of your stupid TV today and watch the Super Bowl, you fat fucking morons. Eat chips, drink beer, worship your brainless idols smashing each other into concussed idiocy. Become one with the images, they will show you the way. Buy buy buy. We are so fucked...


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