Sunday, March 06, 2005

So Cimino-fest was a complete success. After a harrowing three hour drive from Ludlow Vermont during which I was pulled over twice for a blown tail-light, I arrived in Albany at 3 am. Though the party was mostly Dave organized, he decided to spend the night "club-clubbing" with Danny Pizzo and Mike Davis. When they finally showed up again at 5 am, hilarity ensued. Cimino kicked Dave out for not coming to the party he himself organized. A barrage of timeless quotes emerged from this exchange : "leave, when you're ready...the clock is ticking" "I'll move your body" "I'll clear the party" "put your shoes on out here, and get the fuck out" "you're fake".
Aside from this, the party was awesome. Dirty Gennies, Overtired rantings, Moff flatulence, and Denny'

Awesome time. Thanks so much Cimino for having us at your place, so glad I got to see you guys and get ridiculous. Hope to do this again before I flee the East Coast.


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