Monday, May 30, 2005

so, Transfixion played Wildwood Lanes in Riverhead last night. I can say with confidence that it was our worst show ever...and a big, fat, horrible joke. First of all, it was at a fucking BOWLING ALLEY!! There should not be shows at a white-trash bowling alley in middle-of-nowhere Riverhead. But the local radio station "The Bone" sponsors shows there every weekend, and my drummer Jay is friendly with the guy that sets them up and does the sound board, so we got on the bill. It was supposed to be a "great show", with a huge know, 200 people or so. The bands that played before us were absolutely terrible punk bands with no talent, and brought no people in. Apparently, there was a total of 48 people there, including band-members. Just before we went on stage, the fire marshal showed up with a noise complaint from nearby houses, but we played anyway. We were supposed to go onstage at 11pm the latest, and did not get up there until 12:30 am. Most people had left at that point, aside from our friends, a few stragglers from the other bands, and some employees of the place.
It being so late, we had all been drinking from early in the evening (half price drinks for the band), so everyone was pretty fucked up, leading to some onstage sloppiness. We didnt play well at all. Jay couldnt hear the guitars through his monitor, so we mangled the first three songs. My guitar sounded slightly out of tune the entire time, but no-one in the crowd seemed to notice. My vocals were abysmal, as was my physical condition. I had finished a 24 hour fast the day before, and was still somewhat weak. This, in combination with the alcohol, caused me to become lightheaded with every long scream. At one point, my fingers became numb and I almost passed out on stage. During the parts in "All Hail The New Flesh" that require me to sing actual notes instead of scream, my voice wasnt capable.
But our friends are always very supportive, and cheered us on the whole time. If not for them, we would be fucked. Most of them paid a $10 cover charge for a shitty show, at a shitty venue, and did not complain at all. Dago, Gilberti, Josh, and Moff showed up with black "security" t-shirts on. Best guys ever. Moff spent the whole time puking out of the car with a stomach virus, and shitting his brains out in the woods behind the building, wiping his ass with his socks. That's a real friend. My metal friend Katie came down all the way from Connecticut, and saw us at our worst. Ridiculous.


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