Thursday, July 07, 2005

I met with two old friends tonight. We dont see each other very often. But after long periods of limited contact, it almost always turns to something which at least seems profound, especially with these two individuals. They have always been the ones most willing to talk about real shit. To write about our conversations would spoil it. Almost as if da Vinci had told us why the Mona Lisa was smiling. The immanence defies representation. a quotation will suffice :

"...this alienation goes very deep. Thats why the psychedelic experience is illegal and, and repressed and suspect. Its because nothing less than the whole kit and kaboodle of this civilization hangs in the balance against it. It is forbidden to know that the dynamics of the mind have such depth and breadth. We are supposed to live in a narrow canyon of consciousness, walled in between awake and asleep. And anything else is considered pathological. And we make a little place for artists as long as they dont get too uppity or obscene, and othwerwise it's all closed off." - T. McKenna


Blogger ...chris said...

That was a good night... a night that will go down in my mind as one of the more substantial nights of intelligent context and discussion. Thanks man for facilitating it... although fueled partly through the use of psychoactive chemicals.

We have been friends for a long time; you still never cease to amaze me. Thanks for providing the forum... A.D. and I... well, we never quite hit the nerve; through you into the mix, the possibilities are endless. Again, many thanks. Now lets see if maybe we cant get at the root of human intellectualism... (phone conversation early October '05).

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