Monday, July 09, 2007

Qlipoth, in some recent posts, has responded to further attacks on so-called "conspiracy theory" over at Lenin's Tomb. A good question is raised: why does Lenin continue with this line? Is it really necessary at this point? Most useful is the quotation (which I repeat here) of Jamey Hecht on the topic:


This phrase is among the tireless workhorses of establishment discourse. Without it, disinformation would be much harder than it is. “Conspiracy theory” is a trigger phrase, saturated with intellectual contempt and deeply anti-intellectual resentment. It makes little sense on its own, and while it’s a priceless tool of propaganda, it is worse than useless as an explanatory category.

As well as this:

Australia admits oil motive in Iraq Which is really no revelation at all. This is well known.

Paul Laffoley recently offered up some information in Radiorbit that could explain it all away. In two interviews with Mike Hagan (there had to be a second, almost identical interview due to overwhelming listener interest in the 9/11 topic, which they only briefly touched), Laffoley recounted his brief time as a designer at the construction of the World Trade Center. He claims that explosive charges were actually built in to the very structure of the towers, but that the general public, for obvious reasons, would never have known about it. He was approached by members of a Saudi firm brought in during construction, and asked where the best place for explosive charges would be. When he pressed them as to why they would want to know this, they told him something akin to "thats the way it is done nowadays". He later found out that this practice was commonplace. His theory is that these charges were built into the structure, and that the system was triggered by the planes. The electrical system that controlled the charges was for the entire complex, explaining the collapse of building 7 as well. Taking it further, the Saudi firm in question was linked to, or part of the Bin Laden family, which would explain the choice of targets as well.

I would love to believe this explanation. It seems very neat and clean, but there are of course some holes and inconsistencies. It does not matter in any case. The layers of mutually exclusive information and speculation have again increased. Mike Hagan is amazed that nobody has picked up this story. Why has Lafolley's claim not come into the mainstream? There are many possible reasons. It threatens the 9/11 Truth industry for one, or at the very least its claims on a massive government murder coverup. Is it disinformation designed for a very small crowd? I do not buy the story, but download it here, and listen for yourself.


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