Monday, October 22, 2007

I continue my long absence, but leave these for examination:


"Untrue" will be released on November 6th. I will leave commentary to others, at least until I have a copy in my hands. For now, a Kode 9 mix of the new material is available here (right click and "save as" to download mp3). Originally aired on Mary Anne Hobbs' BBC RadioOne show, the mix is of decent quality, and requires the listener to ignore hyperbolic ass-licking by the hostess.


I discovered the series on Gorgoroth's singer Gaahl about a month ago, and now echo the more recent sentiments of Erik Davis , urging all readers to view the series (click on "True Norwegian Black Metal"), or at the very least the final installment.

Subtopia blog post, Peripheral Milit_Urb 20. An absolute must see.

A friend of mine saw the world-famous boomerang last week floating above Sun Devils Stadium during a football game, and just five minutes before I showed up after not seeing him for a few months. This is the same guy I observed several craft with in the skies above Tucson last Fall. Upon this realization, we speculated that one or both of us must be Black Ops agents, or simple extra-terrestrials.


Mike Hagan, Occult of Personality, Red Ice, K-Punk, Black Metal, Psychedelic Salon, Paul Laffoley, Greylodge, Alterati, the reappearance of Tracy Twyman, the Esozone, etc. It is difficult to place, but in some way, all of these threads seem to be tying together somehow. The recent highbrow treatment of "true" black metal is only one of the many zones of confluence. Southern Lord's recently elevated Wolves in The Throne Room is a perfect example. This, in connection with numerous occult podcasts running in all directions, with the same names appearing over and over, is revealing "the thumbprint of the editors" in Terence's bardic description of experiential textuality. Lengthy lists, links, and connections to follow when I have time. By then this will all slip away.


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