Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Cleaning Up" Ufology?

Albert Hofmann has passed away. He was 102 years old.


in lighter news...

"and then he [George Noory] went to bed, and all the dye came out onto his pillow" - Jeremy Vaeni at the X-Conference

Fucking priceless. The sorry state of this "field" has now become the proverbial dead horse. It's systemic problems are a microcosm of the larger cultural malaise in which we are embedded. Vaeni and Biedny, keeping up the fight. Apparently Binnall is sick of it. I Love it, but am sorry to say that despite my deep interest in the topic, even this angle has become entertainment. Rarely do podcasts have me truly gut laughing out loud, in my classroom, at 7:30 in the morning, pre-coffee. So until we are post-disclosure, cradling beautiful alien babies in our arms, all I have to say is..."NO PENIIIISSS"!!

(Culture of Contact/the Paracast tear up the X-Conference)


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