Friday, December 14, 2007

How much of the "noise" is injected? Power so unstable (see previous post) would pump further vibration or instability into the system. At this point, the connection between "Mike Hagan, Occult of Personality, Red Ice, K-Punk, Black Metal, Psychedelic Salon, Paul Laffoley, Greylodge, Alterati, the reappearance of Tracy Twyman, the Esozone, etc." would seem to be simply that, "noise". Instability actively promoted in multiple forms, and with varying levels of sincerity, depending on the network of linkages assembled and relied upon. There are many on the web discussing this notion. In an informative universe (the internet's underbelly, you know where to look. If not, ask me) so rife with disinformation of the most insidiously convincing kind, where does the almost Discordian layering end, and serviceable threads begin?Red Ice and Paul Laffolley seem particularly questionable. My admittedly skeptical post on Laffolley seems embarrasingly forgiving after 5 months of further digging. Or am I being told where to dig?
Red Ice, ,Mike Hagan and other outlets are even more suspect in that they accept the claims of their various interviewees as legitimate "research", stroking them throughout, without question or challenge.


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